Gallyhead Lighthouse Keepers Houses - Co. Cork

Client: Irish Landmark Trust.
Design Team Blackwood Associates

Conservation was one of the key issues in the design specification. Originally built in 1875, the design team required that the fabric of the houses be kept as near as possible to the original plan, repairing where necessary as against replacing it.

The finish date of the contract was also critical to the client

Due to the extreme exposure of the houses to the elements of the weather and the short time frame involved, careful planning was essential to meet the critical deadline.

Our own craftsmen with their long experience and skills gained from regularly working on old buildings was critical to the conservation aspect of the works.

What the Design Team Said

They were charmed with the finished product and appreciated our efforts in converting the plans into reality. Based on our performance on the conservation works in this project, we have since negotiated a similar type contract with a client on the recommendations of the design team.

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Cork County Library and Council Offices

Convert old mill to library and council offices.
Design Team Cork County Council

Client: Cork County Council.
Conversion of old mill building into modern council offices and library. This was a demanding project due to the fact that there was a river running under the existing building.

The fabric of the old building had to be preserved while upgrading the structure of the walls.

Our totally experienced workforce had to use all their unique expertise and skills in the restoration works.

The river flowing underneath part of the building could not be altered in any way. this demanded skilled management of scaffolding and working conditions while the project progressed.

The co-ordination of the service contractors in such a multi functional building demanded careful and efficient management.

What the Design Team Said

The project was delivered on time, on budget and a Building Design Award was presented to our firm by the Minister of the Environment.

Jury Comments

"The nature and location of the mill created insuperable difficulties for the architect and great skill was exercised in setting a contemporary interior inside a traditional stone façade. Facilities for the disabled ramped entrance access to first floor by means of a passenger lift and the visually impaired and assisted by the provision of multi coloured steps in stairs. This ingeniously restored building is being used in an active way by the local population and the finished product is a joy to experience."

Ballinspittle Parish Church

Church Refurbishment
Design Team Kelly and Barry and Associates

Client: Ballinspittle Parish Committee and Fr. Kelleher PP

The project demanded that the original walls be retained and strengthened without disturbing the original look.

The new roof structure had to be a replica of the existing roof

All interior finishes demanded cost effective modern comforts and had to match as near as possible to the existing decor.

The church was closed for the construction period, but due to public demand the time scale for the works was very restricted and demanded efficient management skills.

What the Client Team Said

The client was very pleased and based on our performance we secured a further similar project in the parish of Ballinadee church as well as new parochial house for the parish priest.

Burren House Kilbrittain

Complete Restoration of Kilbrittain House

Client: Michael and Jane Newman.
This was the complete restoration of this beautiful home. The building had to be made energy efficient and cost effective for the client requirements.

The project demanded that the existing structure be retained and a very demanding and specific specification had to be complied to throughout construction.

The time scale for the project was critical to the client and demanded excellent management skills.

What the Design Team Said

They appreciated the excellent standard of workmanship displayed and based on our performance recommended us to the client for Phase 2.

What the Client Said

We contracted Pat O'Sullivan & Sons as the prime contractor for the complete restoration of Burrent House Kilbrittain. The company was responsible for all the landscaping and construction of land made lake. All subcontract works and skills were sourced within 30 miles radius of Burren House. As the clients we were completly satisfied with the entire project. It was on time and budget. There was not one single disagreement and the quality of the work was of the highest standard. We have nothing but praise for Patrick O'Sullivan and his team who have worked here for two years. I would recommend them to any prospective client.

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Carmelite Friary - Kinsale

Extension and Refurbishment of Carmelite Friary, Kinsale

Client: Order of Carmelites, Kinsale.
Two existing buildings had to be joined together by an extension at the rear and modernised for today's living requirements

The site was on a steep incline and demanded extensive retaining walls to blend in with existing structures. The facade of the original buildings had to be retained but had to be repaired as close as possible to the original finish and had to blend in with the new extension.

The façade of the original buildings had to be retained but repaired as close as possible to the original finish and had to blend in with the new extension.

the finished product had to provide for modern use in an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness . It also had to blend in with the local environment.



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